Congratulations on the purchase of your new podiatry appliance!

The Ortho-Spray was developed specifically for the professional Podiatrist. Robust high power electronic technology is employed and is designed for continuous operation. Use of precision mechanical construction and parts have reduced noise and vibration for increased user enjoyment. Please observe the user instructions to obtain maximum use of your new equipment.

Warning: The user must be trained in the handling of powered hand instruments to prevent injury to themselves and/or others. Practice at low speed before use!

Equipment Description
The Ortho-Spray podiatry drill features a powerful micro motor and nose cone with precision ball bearings. The integral spray system cools the treatment area and protects the Podiatrist from adverse health effects of dust. Spray starts automatically when the handpiece is started. The handpiece is turned on with either a footswitch or by turning up the speed control.

Electronically controlled Variable Speed ensures optimal control when using small and large diameter burs. The handpiece accepts the standard podiatry burs with 3/32″ shank. The Ortho-Spray is therefore useful in a wide range of procedures.

The direction of rotation is easy to select from the front panel toggle switch.
Spray amount is conveniently adjustable from the front panel water valve.

Maintenance is easy
Once a month dust on the inside of the nosecone can be removed with the use of the cleaning bur. And once a month the spray nozzle can be backflushed to remove any particulate matter.

We, at European Footcare Supply, are proud to work with professionals who provide care and comfort to others. The equipment you just acquired will give you many years of reliable use. The most common service requirement is after 5 years of normal use. The bearings in the nosecone may then be in need of replacement. These units are made to be maintainable. This extends the useful life of the equipment since only worn parts have to be replaced. Your investment continues to work for you!

Warranty on parts and labor of your Ortho Spray podiatry drill is 3 years. The manufacturer is not responsible for incorrect use of the equipment or negligent handling or care of its products.

Detailed Operation and Service Instructions for the Orthofex Ortho-Spray Drill

Equipment Description
The Ortho-Spray is supplied “ready for use” with a handpiece comprised of the micromotor and nose cone and speed controller/spray unit. A black rubber dust cap is provided which slides over the bur stem to reduce ingress of debris.
A variety of burs is available on request.

Filling the reservoir
Remove the reservoir bottle, unscrew the bottle from the cap and pour in a finger width of isopropyl –rubbing- alcohol and top up with distilled water. Once filled, screw the bottle back into the cap firmly. Place bottle into machine careful not to kink the tubing. The spray comes more quickly when the reservoir is full. Warranty is voided when chemicals like Cidex ruin the reservoir.

Bur change and twist test
Rotate the knurled ring on the handpiece to lock or unlock the bur. Feel the ‘click’ at the extreme ends of rotation of the knurled ring.
It is a good habit, after inserting a bur, to rotate the bur with the fingers. When, over time, it becomes harder to turn the bur, it is an indication that the internals of the nosecone need service.
Always insert dry clean burs. The rubber dust cap on the bur stem should not touch the tip of the nosecone. The dust caps can remain on the bur stem during sterilization of the burs.

The Ortho-Spray has a safety shutdown should the bur suddenly come to a stop (e.g. when caught in a glove or clothing item). In that case, stop the handpiece. If the self-resetting safety has kicked in (handpiece turns at very little power) allow a 1 min. cool down period after which the handpiece can be started again.

Connection of hose and cable
The black DIN plug on the end of the handpiece cable is to be inserted into the DIN receptacle on the unit’s front panel. The end of the stiff water tubing must be firmly inserted into the tubing connector on the lower right corner of the front panel.

To remove: push the ring where the tube enters the connector while pulling on the tubing. Connect the footswitch to the rear panel. The black part of the footswitch plug must touch the metal receptacle on the rear panel.

Always ensure that a bur is present in the nose cone before turning on the handpiece.

  • Turn the speed control to LOW (full left)
  • Push the spray control switch to On or Off.
  • Push the main “ON” switch (indicated by a picture of a bur on the front panel).
  • Flip the Left-Right toggle switch in the left bottom corner of the front panel to either Left rotation or Right rotation. (not mid position)
  • With handpiece firmly in the hand (and bur tip in mid-air) turn the speed control knob up. The handpiece now turns.
  • If a footswitch is connected, press it now.

Starting and stopping during a procedure:

– Press and release footswitch.
Or: turn the main switch on and off
Or: turn speed control knob

Turn the main power switch off only at the end of each day, not in between patients.
The spray power switch can remain on.
Stop the handpiece before changing the direction of rotation. Then select the direction with the front panel L-R toggle switch. Speed can be changed with the handpiece running or stopped. Lower speed for large diameter burs, higher speed for smaller diameter burs.

Cleaning and user maintenance
The handpiece and control unit are easy to clean with a damp (not wet) cloth and mild cleaning or disinfecting solution (aggressive chemicals like CIDEX are NOT to be used). Handpiece and nosecone should not be autoclaved or immersed in liquids. Use of the dust cap extends the life of the nosecone; the caps are autoclavable. Each month: remove any dust from inside the nosecone with the spiral cleaning bur provided with the unit. If the spray nozzle needs to be removed: slide it forward off the nose cone.
Lubricating the handpiece is not recommended since it uses sealed pre-lubed ball bearings.
Always keep a bur inserted to maintain alignment of the chuck and nosecone.

Your equipment is serviced by your authorized distributor. High precision mechanical parts are supplied, compatible with the high RPM of the handpieces, ensuring that performance of your equipment is maintained.
Please call us at 1-800-8812243 before sending a unit for service. Quite often a problem can be solved over the phone.