Ortho Spray Podiatry Drill

Ortho Spray Podiatry Drill

Debriding podiatry drill with a water/alcohol reservoir and automatic spray system.

3 year warranty on all parts (including the handpiece) and labour.

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The Ortho Spray podiatry drill debrides nail and callus while cooling the bur and patient tissue with a mist of distilled water and alcohol. Its high power electronic technology is designed for continuous operation, allowing you to treat more patients every day.

Top Features:

  • Powerful micro motor and nose cone with precision ball bearings.
  • Integral automatic spray system cools the treatment area and protects the podiatrist from adverse health effects of dust.
  • Spray amount is conveniently adjustable from the front panel water valve.
  • Drill handpiece is easily controlled using a footswitch.
  • Electronically managed variable speed ensures optimal performance when using small and large diameter burs.

Trial Period: 2 week money-back guarantee.


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