European Footcare Supply provides grinding tools for use in the podiatric care of the foot. These instructions are specific to the sanding cap burs and their rubber carrier. Using the sanding cap burs is a very efficient and effective means of care of the foot, especially when used with a vacuum drill or spray drill which keep dust to a minimum. And, our drills (not Dremel drills) are approved for use in private clinics, VA’s and hospitals.

The carrier bur consists of a stainless steel stem with rubber tip or head. Sanding caps of the same size as the head slip onto the bur head and the bur stem is inserted into a drill with 3/32” collet. The sanding caps are made and meant to be disposable and do not require reprocessing. These caps are to be discarded after use on a patient. The carrier burs are not meant to be in contact with the patient, however, some institutions insist that these burs be reprocessed (i.e. sterilized) prior to next use. The instructions below should be considered for that purpose.

Reprocessing instructions of carrier burs with rubber heads:

  • The burs shall be cleaned with any liquid cleaning solution approved for use on medical devices. Enzymatic cleaners are in common use. Manual scrubbing the bur with a brush and/or cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner will dislodge any particulate matter.
  • Rinsing off of the cleaning solution with distilled water or clean water must follow. Drying of the burs is preferred prior to sterilization so that the sterilizer is not exposed to the cleaning solution.
  • Sterilization must be next. All approved methods of sterilization can be used on the burs. The burs can be placed in liquid sterilants for the duration indicated by the manufacturer of the liquid sterilant. Glutaraldehyde containing solutions or hydrogen peroxide may reduce the useful life of the rubber head. (hydrogen peroxide is not an approved sterilant) Steam sterilization (autoclaving) with temperatures up to 130 degrees centigrade (266F) are permitted. Follow the instructions of the sterilizer.
  • It is recommended that the burs then be stored in a manner that prevents contaminated air (e.g. fungal nail dust in the air) from contacting the bur and caps.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.