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Please follow the sequence of the instructions below:

  1. Plug in the connector at the end of the handpiece cable into the receptacle on the right side of the front panel.  Note that the pins of the plug are at the top and mate with the holes in the receptacle.  Then push the plug in straight.
  2. Plug the end of the handpiece tubing into the black connector at the right side of the front panel.  Push firmly and you will feel the tubing sink into the connector.  
  3. Flip the green power switches down to the off position.
  4. Plug the connector at the end of the footswitch into the connector on the bottom of the rear panel.  
  5. Plug in the power cord.
  6. Insert a bur into the handpiece.  To open the chuck: rotate the knurled ring on the handpiece counterclockwise.  Insert the bur and rotate the knurled ring clockwise to lock in the bur.  Spin the bur with your fingers to ensure that there is no friction to turning.  
  7. Flip the green power switches up into the on position.  
  8. Turn the speed control knob on the front panel to half way and step on the footswitch.  If you do not have a footswitch then turning the speed knob up will have started the handpiece and spray motor.
  9. Stop the drill and fill the reservoir.  In the case of a removable reservoir:  Pull out the reservoir and unscrew the bottle while keeping the lid in fixed position.  
  10. First, pour in a finger thickness of rubbing alcohol (non-scented isopropyl alcohol) then add distilled water.  (ONLY distilled water!) screw the bottle back into the lid.

To fill a built-in water reservoir:

first, remove the gray fill knob above the vertical slit in the front panel.  Fill the plastic fill bottle with 2 finger widths of rubbing alcohol and top up with distilled water.  From the spout of the fill bottle squirt the contents into the fill opening of the reservoir.  Gently insert and turn the gray fill knob and let it finds its screw thread.  Once the fill knob is in then tighten it just snug.  Do not overtighten! 

You are ready to use the drill.  Practice on your hand.  When you adjust the spray control (metal knob in the right-hand top corner of the front panel) give it a half turn and count to 5 before the change is seen at the spray nozzle on the tip of the handpiece.  Now rotate the handpiece so that the spray nozzle is at the bottom.  This way the spray is directed to the treatment area.  

This drill is designed to treat many patients a day and do so for more than 10 years.  

Please contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.