Nail corner nipper, standard, 13cm/5”



Available in the following sizes:

6-10RD, 10cm/4in
6-20RD, 11cm/4.25in
6-30RD, 13cm/5.25in  The most popular nail nipper (flat jaw). Up to 30% lighter than conventional nippers.
6-40RD, 15cm/6in

  • These nippers are most often used to treat incurvated (ingrown) nails.
  • Pointy tip allows to easily enter the corners of the nail.
  • Rounded jaws are the strongest shape for intended purpose.
  • Model 6-30 is the most general size while the 6-10 model can be used on infants.
  • Models 6-30 and 6-40 are strong enough to also cut across the nail to reduce the length of the nail, making these two nippers more universal in use.