Shipping Instructions from USA to Canada

Please send the drill by US Post Office (this is the cheapest service).

DO NOT SEND it by FEDEX GROUND, UPS, Purolator or DHL since we will not be able to clear it through Customs ourselves and a brokerage firm will be involved, which will be far more expensive and will have to be charged back to you.

When sending the shipment, please follow these instructions:

If it is a Micro-Air drill, please remove the dust bag. If it is an Ortho Spray drill, please drain the water out of the reservoir and the hose.

Make sure that the handpiece cable/hose is coiled gently and the whole unit padded sufficiently on all sides.

On the Canada Customs invoice (provided by US Post Office) fill out: box 1 (your name and address) and box 2 (date of shipment). This form should be included in the shipping pouch on the outside of the box.

Fill out an original US Postal Service Customs Declaration (provided by US Post Office) and mark “For Repair” “Value for declaration only”.

Make sure to insure the unit. Please keep the tracking receipt until we confirm that we have received the shipment.


Our address:

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